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Innovation and researches

All medications produced by «ATM SANITA PHARMA» JV LLC according to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan were registered by the Main Department for Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Equipment. All medications contain information on clinical studies that confirm their effectiveness, as well as non-toxicity tests results proving its safety.   

Assets were formed for effective operation of the Company.

  • Developed structure of modern pharmaceutical production that fully complies with the requirements and recommendations of the European Union's GMP and national standards.

  • Chain of branches and regional representatives that prevent the counterfeit products turnover.

  • Research activities implemented in partnership with leading national and foreign research centers.

Investments in the development, research and launching of new medications is one of the important achievements in pharmaceutical industry, therefore, our Company pays particular attention to the implementation of its own innovative development program aimed at:

  • Search for optimal ways to overcome and prevent the spread of microbial resistance through the development, preclinical and clinical trials and to launch new antimicrobial agents that can withstand the factors determining resistance; 

  • Development of original medications based on future-oriented technologies, including improvement of molecular structures for bettering pharmacological properties, potentiating activity and reducing the toxic effect.

Today, the Company has the patent for more than ten original compounds with antimicrobial activity. Many of them are at different stages of preclinical and clinical trials and in the near future will supplement the Company’s product line.