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«ATM SANITA PHARMA» Joint Venture in the form of Limited Liability Company carries on its business based on License of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan №П4800 dated October 29, 2012. 

As of September, 2016, the number of employees of «АТМ SANITA PHARMA» JV LLC amounted to 139 (one hundred and thirty nine) persons, of which 43 (forty three) we employed immediately after graduating from medical colleges in 2015-2016.

Company’s employees regularly have professional development. In 2015, more than 40 persons had successful external training on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and more than 20 employees participated in seminars and trainings for occupational study of such famous leaders such Igor Mann, Brain Tracy, Denis Kaplunov, Nikolay Doroshuk, Dmitry Turusin, etc.

In March, 2016, heads of the Company's subdivisions were externally trained in «ISO 9001:2015. QMS and external auditor». All employees successfully passed the course with 11 certificates. Thanks to the training, in June 2016 the company set up an internal audit commission and successfully held it. 

Two employees of the Company have successfully completed external training in Pharmacovigilance d certificates on the topic "Drawing up a registration record in the CTD format".

In 2017, we plan to have external training for 10-12 employees as follows.

  • Generating effective quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015, developing GMS according to ISO 9001:2015.

  • Production validation and medications quality control.

  • Training in organization of operation of pharmaceutical enterprises according to GMP (concentration in Production validation).

  • Quality risk managing; ISO 5479-97*. Data statistical interpretation. Tests that determine deviations from the normal distribution. Statistical methods of analysis. Management risk.

  • GMP baselines.

  • LAL-test. ISO 17025 – Assessment of measurement uncertainty.

  • GSP baselines (Medications good storage practice).

In addition to external training of employees by the third-party organizations, heads of departments also conduct internal training on various topics required to consolidate the result and improve the work, both for newly employed personnel, and already long-working:

  • «Labor Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Labor Protection»;

  • «Code of corporate conduct or labor discipline. Types of violations, disciplinary measures: reprimand, fine, dismissal. Motivation, types of motivation in the Company (training, lump sum, help, holidays, bonus). Labor vacation and vacation without pay, procedural formalities.»;

  • «General information on the Company»;

  • «Production context»;

  • «Main production factors and reasons contributing to accidents and their elimination»;

  • «General concepts on hazardous production factors»;

  • «Personal protection means»;

  • «Safety practice, fire safety and electrical safety»;

  • «Pre-hospital assistance»;

  • «Sanitary-hygienic standards»;

  • «Theoretical skills for position obligations at the workplace. Acquaintance with SOP on processes»;

  • «Training in functional duties»;

  • «The procedure for preparing working places»;

  • «Proper production practice».

In addition to employees’ training, the Company provides other types of staff motivation: bonuses to all public holidays, employee birthday bonuses, social benefits.

In 2016, the Company has developed SMART system (identification of objectives and tasks), which allows to assess personnel effectiveness.

Employees of «ATM SANITA PHARMA» are its highest value ensuring stability, improving of quality and quantity of products made. Decency, professionalism, purposefulness, efficiency and cohesion - all these qualities unite the Company’s staff. 

We understand that the personnel policy is the key factor of the Company's development; «ATM SANITA PHARMA» JV LLC strives to create the most favorable conditions for the development of each employee and his self-realization. First of all, we wholeheartedly support promising employees and we make every effort to disclose their professional personal potential providing them with social security.

If you are interested in working with us, please, download the questionnaire and fill it. Send it to our e-mail:

You can also see current Company’s vacancies in section «Vacancies».