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«ATM SANITA PHARMA» is a foreign enterprise in a form of Limited Liability Company, which was established in March 2012. 

Company started its business from production of cephalosporin antibiotics in bulk, including:

  • Cefazolin-Sanita;

  • Cefotaxime-Sanita;

  • Ceftriaxone-Sanita;

  • Ampicillin-Sanita;

  • Benzylpenicillin-Sanita.

In 2013, the Company has been first-ever certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and O’zDSt ISO 9001:2009.

In late 2013, the Company started to produce cephalosporin antibiotics in bulk.

In 2014, «ATM SANITA PHARMA» Company:

1. Obtained the certificate «Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Directive FDA-21 CFR 210&211».

2. Adopted in-bulk production of:

  • Cefoperazon-Sanita;

  • Cefoperazon +Sulbactam-Sanita; 

  • Ceftazidime-Sanita;

  • Cefuroxime-Sanita.

3. Became a member of national local manufacturing content program under «Project on production of injection anti-infective medications as dry powdered mixtures in vials».

In 2016, the company adopted the production of following medications in addition to the abovementioned products:

  • Allerticine Rino 0.03%, 0.06% in form of drops (10 ml.).

  • Allerticine Rino 0.03%, 0.06% in form of sprays (10 ml.).

  • Taufon Sanita 4% in form of drops (10 ml.).

In 2013 – 2016, the Company has entered the production of all main antibiotics.

The Company is going to increase works scope, products assortment and export volume in the near future.

The basis of «ATM SANITA PHARMA» brand portfolio is represented by antibiotic agents top-requested in the pharmaceutical market of the Uzbekistan: cephalosporin of all generations, including combinations. In future we are planning step by step development of modern germicides production, such as carbapenems, glycopeptides, monobactams, polypeptides, etc.  

Currently «ATM SANITA PHARMA» JV LLC represents:

  • a wide range of high quality products;

  • developed structure of modern pharmaceutical production process;

  • high level modern and high-tech equipment in production facilities;

  • advanced technologies for the production of ready-made medications that fully comply with international standards;

  • high qualified specialists trained in the ISO and GMP international standards;

  • active research and analytical activity implementing innovative medications into practical health care;

  • trainings for medical specialists.