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Company’s Purposes

«ATM SANITA PHARMA» JV LLC is aware of its high responsibility for the quality of medications and sets several principle targets.

  • Implementation and maintenance of the  Integrated Quality Management System (IMS) based on the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality management system (2008 and 2015 versions) and the state standard Oz'DSt 2766: 2013 (GMP).

  • Maintaining the proper level and improving the conditions of production, quality control and storage of finished medications according to current legislation and international production and quality standards.

  • Expansion of medications range to satisfy customers’ demands in affordable, quality and import-substituting pharmaceuticals.

  • Increase in sales volume by providing best value for money and winning a significant segment of the pharmaceutical market.

Constant improvement of professionalism and qualification of working staff, social working conditions, introduction of staff promoting system to increase effectiveness and efficiency of the work.